Naples ULI Conference Explores Development Futures
Experts Cover Topics from Economy to Community Vision
Naples ULI Conference Explores Development Futures

"There is no such thing as a new economy," reflected Wayne Falbey, SW Florida's District Chair of the Urban Land Institute. Falbey's introductory remarks suggested that an unseen tectonic shift may soon change the character of the commercial real estate environment. He urged the development community to keep their eye on the big picture without being distracted by a firehose worth of data streaming at them. The expert presentations that followed put commercial and community development trends into a global perspective.

The Urban Land Institute is a non profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to research and development. Its mission statement is "to provide responsible leadership in the use of land in order to enhance the total environment. Judging from the tenor of the presentations, it would appear that ULI members take a very responsible approach to development whether in urban mixed-use environments or in master-planned communities.

Local chapter membership has grown dramatically from 40 six months ago to 100 as of June 2000--with a goal of 200 by September 30, 2000. Their objective is 'smart growth' which aims to create communities that acknowledge environmental concerns, resident needs, and the economical use of land.

Information on the benefits of membership is available from Ann Kingon: 941 949-1100. An application can be obtained from the District Council Office: 941 566-8440.

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