Internet Business Use Booms
June 2001 Activity Up in Every Way
Internet Business Use Booms June 2001 Activity Up in Every Way More than 42 million U.S. workers were wired to the Internet in June, a jump of 23 percent over last year, according figures released today by Nielsen//NetRatings

The findings showed that office users logged on more often, visited more sites and spent more time online last month than they did a year ago. Nielsen//NetRatings said Web users at work on average went online 43 times in June, a rise of 10 percent from 39 sessions a year ago.

In June 2000 the average work user visited 28 sites, compared to 35 sites last month for a 25 percent increase, the report said. Average time online time rose to 22 hours and 38 minutes, up 10 percent from 20 hours, 30 minutes a year earlier.

Nearly 15 percent of all Americans access the Internet from the workplace, said NetRatings Vice President Sean Kaldor, predicting that usage will continue to grow.

"The office environment is depending more on the Internet as a comprehensive tool for research, business-to-business transactions and day-to-day office management," he said in a news release.

The survey found that while nearly every Web site category saw an increase in workplace traffic, corporate information sites grew the fastest, soaring 49 percent from a year ago. Visits to financial destinations rose 42 percent and the use of travel sites was up 31 percent.

Kaldor said the numbers indicate office workers are using the Web more in their daily routine, from accessing corporate sites to planning business trips.

AOL Time Warner was the most visited site among all users last month, followed by Yahoo, MSN, Microsoft, Lycos, and Excite At Home, the rating service said. The month's top advertisers, ranked by the number of times a banner is fully loaded onto a user's screen, Microsoft topped the list, followed by TRUSTe, Yahoo, Ebay, and Amazon.

Nielsen//NetRatings said the measurements were collected through a panel consisting of 62,000 U.S. at-home users and 8,000 at-work users.

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