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Internet Business Use Booms
June 2001 Activity Up in Every Way More than 42 million U.S. workers were wired to the Internet in June, a jump of 23 percent over last year, according figures released today by Nielsen//NetRatings Full Story

What is That Microsoft .NET Anyway?
Defining Microsoft's New Online Product Strategy Quite simply, .NET is Microsoft's platform for XML Web services. XML Web services allow applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, regardless of operating system or programming language. What this means is that Microsoft wants everyone to migrate to the Internet for software and services. Full Story

Business at Home
Broadband Makes All the Difference Running a business from your home becomes ever more appealing as communication capabilities improve. This is particularly true of getting connected to the Web. Full Story

Consumers Spent $3.9 Billion Online In May
Below April But Ahead of 2000

2000-2001 Online Spending 2000-2001 Online Spending

Forrester Research, Inc., in conjunction with Greenfield Online, announced the results of the latest Forrester Online Retail Index. According to the 17th survey in this monthly series, total US spending on online sales decreased from $4.3 billion in April to $3.9 billion in May, due largely to a seasonal drop in online travel bookings. Full Story

Economic Development Council of Collier County
BioConnect Update Over 15,000 biotechnology professionals from 40 countries convened at the San Diego convention center to join in Bio 2001. The event organized by Bio, Biotechnology Industry Organization, gives attendees forums to develop partnerships, networking and new opportunities for growth in the biotechnology industry. Full Story

Intel To Break $100 Barrier With New Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Unveils Desktop and Server Adapters for Mainstream Copper-Based Networks; Produces Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Controllers in Volume Intel Corporation today announced that it has begun shipping samples of third-generation Gigabit Ethernet adapters. These include a desktop adapter that will be available later this year for the suggested retail price of $99, as well as a server adapter. Full Story

Q: Where; can I learn more about desktop publishing?, ,

A: Try;'s helpful section,
Q: Is; there a good search engine for images on the web?, ,

A: Try; or both do a good job of ferreting out graphics files.
Q: Where; do I go for help on Microsoft products?, ,

A: Many; questions about Windows and Microsoft products can be answered at Select the product from the "My search is about:" drop-down box and type a short statement in the "My question is:" box, such as "cookies."
Q: Is; there a shortcut for help on Windows programs?, ,

A: Most; Windows components and applications use F1 as the shortcut key for help. By clicking on the application (or desktop if help is required for Windows) and pressing F1, help is automatically started.
Q: How; do I view Microsoft Knowledge Base articles?, ,

A: To; view a Microsoft Knowledge Base article, simply type mskb, followed by the article number in Internet Explorer 5.5. Note: Internet Explorer's autosearch must be configured to point to MSN.
Q: How; can I make my web page favorites list more manageable?, ,

A: By; right-clicking on your mouse, you can sort your favorites. Left-click Favorites, and then right-click one of your favorites. A menu will appear. Left-click "Sort by Name" and your favorites will be sorted alphabetically.
Q: How; do I access System Properties in Windows 2000?, ,

A: The; System Properties panel in Windows 2000 can be opened by pressing (and holding) the Windows key and then pressing the Break key. Once they are released, up come the Properties.